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With society constantly evolving, businesses and services must also adapt and grow. With new generations of entrepreneurs arriving and a multitude of increasingly rapid changes in so many societal ... Read more
Published on 2019/10/11 by The NOVA Team
Whether it be in terms of human resources management, business management, team synergy, or the development of the full potential of executives, managers, and leaders, etc., Nova has proven itself ... Read more
Published on 2019/07/31 by The NOVA team
The positive impact that the NOVA Profile can have on all spheres of a business are vast. The best way to illustrate the power of this tool is to share concrete facts, true stories, or case studie ... Read more
Published on 2019/05/09 by
Communications amongst humans isn’t always easy, even when we’re in love with the other person…wouldn’t you agree? Sure enough, our personality plays an important role ... Read more
Published on 2019/03/08 by The NOVA team
Perhaps you’ve already heard the expression, “what you focus on expands?” So, what will you be focusing on this year?...  With that in mind, a question that could even be ... Read more
Published on 2019/01/18 by The NOVA team
December is often a month where we look at and complete all sorts of things prior to the arrival of the new year. We look upon what was and wasn’t accomplished, we celebrate success, realign ... Read more
Published on 2018/12/19 by The NOVA team
Today’s society tends to assign leadership qualities to persons having rather affirmative, flamboyant, charismatic and extroverted personalities. However, we at NOVA believe that all pers ... Read more
Published on 2018/11/07 by The NOVA team
Do you feel like you’re always running out of time? Are you often late? … Or rather, always ahead of time?   Each of us has a different perception of time according to our pe ... Read more
Published on 2018/10/25 by The NOVA team

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