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The NOVA Concept and its applications were devised to optimise efficiency in the following areas:


  • Helps you be more efficient in each situation and know how to exert a mobilizing and inspiring leadership.
  • Permits the delegation of tasks according to the competence and factual motivations of your collaborators.
  • Better understanding your team members.

Team Synergy

  • Allows you to transform the differences in complementarities and into sources of cohesion.
  • Shows how to be an “interactive” collaborator in the synergy of your team.


  • Well target the objective of the client according to his motivation and values.
  • Accompagny the client to better know himself in order to help realizing his full potential.


  • Allows you to gain a better understanding of your way of communicating as well as the one of the person you are speaking to.
  • Shows you how to adapt and optimize your forms of communication.


  • Enhances your efficiency in commercial relations.
  • Helps you to quickly recognize the style and need of your client.


  • Will lead to the development of a collective language and a dynamic culture.
  • Allows for the integration of company values and strategies into the objectives of individuals and teams.

Internal Mobility

The employee that sees himself attributed new functions must be able to capitalize on his already-acquired skills and recognize those that will have to be developed. In order to do this, he or she must know his individual profile in order to adapt to the new position.


The search for talents is a major stake for the success of a company. Recruiting an employee and losing him (or her) costs money, and so it is profitable to put in place a method to better recognize your valuable candidates.

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