Calendar of NOVA training
and Certification


Dates of activities for the NOVA Certification program. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

February  19-20-21st, 2020NOVA Certification (FR)Montréal (QC)09h30-17h00
March  19-20th, 2020En ligne (ZOOM)07h00-13h00
April  1-2-3th, 2020NOVA Certification (FR)Ville de Québec (QC)09h00-17h00
May  25-26th, 2020NOVA Certification (FR)Genève (Suisse)09h00-17h00
June  10-11-12th, 2020NOVA CertificationOttawa (ON)09h00-17h00
August  19-20-21st, 2020NOVA Certification (FR)Laval (QC)09h00-17h00
September  23-24-25th, 2020NOVA Certification (FR)Ville de Québec (QC)09h00-17h00
October  21-22-23th, 2020NOVA Certification (FR)Montréal (QC)09h00-17h00
December  2-3-4th, 2020NOVA Certification (FR)Saint-Sauveur (QC)09h00-17h00

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