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«Transform the human factors
into success factors to the benefit of the individual,
the team, and the company!»


The NOVA CONCEPT allows us to better know and understand ourselves, and to better recognize and understand others. This knowledge forms the basis of an advanced learning process, and boost self-knowledge and relational efficiency as well as personal and organizational development.


An efficient and complete method, an overall solution

You wish to optimize your effectiveness? The effectiveness of your employees? Of your organization? The NOVA CONCEPT is the starting point of a unique and groundbreaking process that will allow you to structure and optimize your personal and organizational effectiveness according to your objectives.

The NOVA CONCEPT is the guiding thread of your optimization process, offering you a complete and effective method, several different profiles, complementary units, as well as interactive course contents related to your needs.

The NOVA Profile is available in 4 languages: French, English, German and Spanish.


« The freedom to succeed is yours
and we will provide you with
the best means to achieve success. »

A profile for each service!

We have developed adapted profiles for several professional areas, such as:

  • Personal profile
  • Management profile
  • Sales profile
  • Leadership profile
  • Team profile
  • Job profile
  • Candidate profile
  • Job/candidate comparison profile
  • Orientation profile
  • Student profile


What kind information does the NOVA Profile allow you to gain:

  • How and why does somebody get going?
  • How does he/she approach problems and challenges?
  • How does he/she interact with others?
  • How does he/she respond to change?
  • Which are his/her areas for development?
  • How does he/she assimilate the information ?
  • How does he/she take his/her decisions?
  • What is his/her communication style?
  • What is his/her leadership style?
  • What is his/her sales style?
  • What is his/her management style?
  • What is his/her contribution to the team?
  • What are his/her dominant perceptions?
  • What are his/her behavioural preferences?
  • What are his/her natural talents?
  • What are his/her motivations and values?



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